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Now, breakfast before school and the post-game snack get a plus in nutrients and taste.

You are always looking for the best for your child’s nutrition. On the other hand, we know that your child has high taste standards. New Calcium Plus sliced bread with milk from Zorbas Bakeries, high in calcium and vitamin D3, meets both requirements.

The Plus in Calcium and Vitamin D3
Calcium and Vitamin D3 are essential nutrients for children and adults and should be part of a balanced diet. In fact, two slices of Calcium Plus bread provide 50% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin D3 and 30% of the recommended daily intake of calcium for adults!

The Plus in Pleasure
In addition to its nutritional benefits, Calcium Plus bread is also delicious. The milk in its composition makes it fluffy and soft, making it a favourite among children. The fact that it is sliced makes it even easier to handle and enjoy in a variety of ways.

The Plus in Different Options
Calcium Plus bread is perfect for any occasion, from breakfast with butter and honey to afternoon sandwiches. It’s also a great snack for school or after a sporting activity. Moreover, slices of Calcium Plus bread with various toppings are a surefire hit when your kids invite friends over to play.

Find Calcium Plus wheat bread with milk at all Zorbas Bakeries.

Recommended by The Cyprus Dietetic & Nutrition Association.