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Are you leaving for work in the morning and looking for something to wake you up? Are you out for your evening jog and need something to boost you? Are you a parent who prefers something healthy and delicious for your children? Are you looking after your eating habits and want something filling? A freshly squeezed juice is what you have been looking for!

Our freshly squeezed juice is preservative and sugar-free, containing no concentrated juice with no thermal treatment. It is cold-pressed, which means that all the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants in the juice remain unharmed. The method of cold pressing also means that no thermal treatment is applied.


Berry, apple, strawberry juice

Again this summer, we dive into coolness with the real berries, apple, and strawberry juice. Truly fresh, it keeps the vitamins A and C due to the cold press squeezing method.


Orange juice

Real juice, is made with no thermal treatment, so it stays truly fresh and keeps its high vitamin C content intact. You can find it in two sizes, 375ml και 800ml.


Orange, apple, carrot juice

Emerging from the fridges of Zorbas Bakeries, exactly when you need it. Always freshly squeezed, it quenches your thirst on hot summer days and fills you with energy. Rich in vitamins C and A.




Our products are recognized for their high quality, and we have four – not one – international certificates to prove it: ISO 22000, ISO 9001, BRC (British Retail Consortium), and IFS (International Food Safety), for the production, distribution, and export of bakery and confectionery products.