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We started as a small family bakery almost 50 years ago and, today we are in every corner of Cyprus. We offer quality choices of high nutritional value and superior taste, turning every moment into a delight. To achieve this, we select the best raw materials, emphasize craftsmanship, and get inspiration by tradition.

Prioritizing our people, modern needs, and excellent service, we are constantly evolving and innovating. We create flavors that create smiles.

We create Delight in every moment.

Founding of the company

It has all begun in our backyard, in the village Athienou at the countryside of Larnaca. A traditional oven and natural ingredients were enough to get us started. So, we supplied the residents of the village and the surrounding area with fresh and fragrant Athienitiko bread every day.

The first Zorbas bakery in Nicosia

With a love for bread making and maintaining our authenticity, we started developing and creating new types of products. With the aim of continuous development, we started expanding geographically as well. Thus, in 1988 we opened the first Zorbas bakery in Nicosia, on Iphigenia Street.

The first food section is launched in the store of Zorbas Agios Antonios.

Apart from bakery, we started enhancing our products with pastry and sandwiches. The next step was meal production. Just before the entrance of 2000, we opened the first food section at Zorbas bakery in Agios Antonios.

My Bakery loyalty scheme is launched

Always aiming to better serve and reward our customers, we created the My Bakery, a loyalty scheme with exclusive discounts, and cashback on every purchase, gifts, offers, and surprises.


In 2022 we renewed our brand identity to highlight the progress and evolution we made over the years in our bakeries, but also to reflect our history and tradition. A new logo, new store architecture, and new packaging, along with a renewed desire to create more innovative products and new delectable flavors. This change expressed the values of creativity, trust, collectivity, passion for our work, and commitment to excellence so that we can be the ultimate destination for enjoyable, tasty, and quality experiences for every moment of the day.