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Our cakes smell like childhood memories. We make two kinds of apple pies based on a traditional and a British recipe. Cakes and apple pies are quick and easy snacks you can take with you to work, school, or university. Moreover, during the weekend, they accompany your morning coffee at home or during your strolls.

Juicy and fluffy, you can find our cakes in individual sizes as well. During fasting periods, you can also opt for vegan options. They are ideal for breakfast, for accompaniment to your coffee, tea, or milk, and for every moment of delight.

On the other hand, the apple pie is an exceptional experience. It makes you wonder how a simple fruit like an apple can be converted into something so tempting. Crispy, juicy apples and a mix of aromatic spices. Apple pie as it should be.


Kolokoti – Cypriot Pumpkin Pie

A rich filling of pumpkin, raisins, and bulgur. Fasting or not, it is an ideal breakfast or morning snack. Either you enjoy it at home or on the go, you won’t be feeling hungry any time soon.



Like pixels that help you see a world of chocolate, our brownies come in four different flavours to satisfy your evening sweetness need or celebrate a special moment: chocolate, chocolate with walnuts, chocolate with cream cheese, and Oreo.


Marble cake

A slice of childhood. The chocolate and vanilla cake reminds us of those times. Find it in family and individual sizes and use it as a perfect excuse for a coffee break at work.


Apple Pie

Apple pie with a traditional or English recipe and the freshest and crispest apples.


Chocolate cake

A favorite classic chocolate cake, so simple, yet always so delicious, you’ll find it in individual size as well, for any small or big moment of enjoyment.




Our products are recognized for their high quality, and we have four – not one – international certificates to prove it: ISO 22000, ISO 9001, BRC (British Retail Consortium), and IFS (International Food Safety), for the production, distribution, and export of bakery and confectionery products.