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There is a Zorbas bread for every moment. With more than 30 types of bread, you enjoy every time, the right bread for the right occasion.

How can our bread smell so fresh? Because we only use high-quality flour and treat each bread differently. We are very meticulous with the maturity and baking time of each bread so it can release all its aromas.

There is a bread for every now, with Athienitiko, whole wheat or rye bread, with oats and chia seeds, single origin with sourdough, or baguette. When the moment calls for a toast, there’s sliced bread, whole grain, or wheat made with the natural sourdough of our production. Each slice is 40 gr, an ideal portion for a balanced diet.

On the other hand, with our bread rolls, you can create delicious hot and cold sandwiches. You can find wheat, wholemeal, and seeded bread rolls. Long, small, and round. Soft and always freshly baked. All the words you want to hear describing your bread.

Finally, with the traditional Cypriot pitas, whole wheat, or wheat, you can accompany your lunch, or choose it for breakfast, lunch, or snack


Multi-grain sliced bread

The multi-grain sliced bread has a rich, authentic taste due to the natural sourdough. Combine it with your choice of ingredients and create nutritious and filling breakfast sandwiches.


Calcium Plus Wheat Bread

All the taste of wheat bread, plus calcium, vitamin D3 and milk. A children’s favourite sliced bread, for breakfast before school and a snack after play. The plus in your bread.

*Recommended by the Cyprus Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists.


Soleo with chia seeds

If you love chia seeds, you’ll also love them in this bread. A bread made with tapioca starch, popular in Latin American, with a special texture and flavour that offers a unique, delightful experience.


Slow-fermented bread

You can tell how rich and full this bread is, by its texture. The whole-wheat flour and sourdough create a thin and crispy crust, for a satisfying crunch.


Multigrain bread

Delicious and nutritious, with an earthy taste and soft texture, to accompany your food and for sandwiches.


Whole wheat sliced bread

Your toast will never be the same again, with our sliced whole wheat bread with natural sourdough, a good source of fibre, low in fat and sugar.


Z bread with sourdough

If you’re looking for simplicity in the taste of bread, then Z bread with sourdough, without yeast, is the one you will pair with everything. This bread has a high nutritional value due to the beneficial properties of sourdough.




Our products are recognized for their high quality, and we have four – not one – international certificates to prove it: ISO 22000, ISO 9001, BRC (British Retail Consortium), and IFS (International Food Safety), for the production, distribution, and export of bakery and confectionery products.