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Cereal bars, full of flavor and filling, are the perfect snack to give you the energy to continue your day. Nutrient-rich peanut butter dominates in these bars. They are the sweet and healthy choice for any time of the day. If you need extra protein, you can choose our protein bars before or after the gym and for the days when you feel like you need a little extra boost.

On the other hand, rusks are a healthy snack that is always there for you. You know they will fit in at any time, and you know you can enjoy them plain or use them to accompany your yogurt or whatever else you think is a good idea.

Our rusks are crispy and handmade. They’re bite-sized to save you from crumbs, so you can take them with you wherever you go.


Cereal bars

Our cereal bars are nutritious, rich in flavor, and satisfying as they have peanut butter as a key ingredient, and you can opt for the protein bar if you’re looking for extra energy.



Our rusks are made with anise, carob honey, or orange and we top them with sesame seeds. Small crunchy bites for a quick snack or breakfast that fills you up.




Our products are recognized for their high quality, and we have four – not one – international certificates to prove it: ISO 22000, ISO 9001, BRC (British Retail Consortium), and IFS (International Food Safety), for the production, distribution, and export of bakery and confectionery products.