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Plant-based food is made exclusively with raw materials of plant origin. It is for you, who choose a vegan or vegetarian diet, but also for you who want to include more foods from plant sources in your daily life. If you are a parent, plant-based products are one of the ways to introduce vegetables and grains to your child and make them love them, even if they do not usually prefer them. Plant-based “meat” is an innovative product made from vegan proteins and other ingredients. It looks and tastes like an animal-based product, but it is a more sustainable solution.

At ZORBAS Bakeries, we support a balanced and nutritious diet with products of high nutritional value, which include or are based exclusively on fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, grains, and good fats. Plus, we are increasing plant-based options with dishes that offer you a new taste experience. With our plant-based “meatballs” and plant-based “chicken” nuggets, you can enjoy dishes made exclusively from meat-free ingredients. In addition, you can add plant-based “chicken” strips to your sandwich or salad.

We bake the “meatballs” and “chicken” nuggets in the oven so they have a crispy crust and are juicy on the inside. The dishes are low in calories and rich in protein and fiber.

The plant-based products are made with the technology of the award-winning The Mighty Kitchen, a Cypriot food technology company.

The products are made from pea and wheat protein, with fiber from oats, potato starch, and sunflower oil. To these are added chicken-like spice blends, such as smoked paprika. In addition to being vegan, they contain no preservatives or soy, and they are GMO-free.

You can enjoy plant-based food at all ZORBAS Bakeries with a food section.