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After swimming in the sea, you want something sweet, but also refreshing, to face the heat. After lunch, you want something light for dessert. But also for those afternoon cravings when you’re looking for something sweet and delicious.

At Zorpas Bakeries, inspired by the summers of our childhood, we create new sweet flavors that turn into everyday moments of pleasure and bring to life well-known and beloved feelings from the past.

Madagascar vanilla cream
With natural Madagascar vanilla beans, this cream is so refreshing and light, with a rich flavor that will be loved by everyone. Ideal for an after dinner delight, for an afternoon dessert, for the evening craving, for that friend who doesn’t like chocolate.

Chocolate cream
Chocolate cream reminds us of the days we used to spent in the kitchen, while watching our mother preparing it and waiting patiently for it to cool down. This memory inspired us to create this cream with a real chocolate flavor that will probably evoke feelings of nostalgia.

Rice pudding
Made with a classic recipe, rice pudding is a dessert that you will enjoy anytime, even for breakfast. Milk, rice, sugar, rose water and cinnamon create a surprisingly delicious combination, in a dessert we grew up with.

You can find them in all ZORPAS refrigerators.

Happy summer, enjoying the sea, the resting and tasteful creams!