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At Zorbas Bakeries, we have the perfect bread for every moment and occasion. Start you day with a nutritious and filling breakfast with bread. Enjoy a piece of fresh bread with a delicious lunch. In the afternoon, treat yourself to a light snack made with your favourite bread and a topping of your choice. At Zorbas Bakeries, we have passion and love For Every Bread.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce two new breads:

Slow-fermented bread: a bread that ripens slowly and goes with everything. With whole-wheat flour and sourdough, it has a thin, crispy crust for a satisfying crunch.

Soleo: If you love chia seeds, you’ll also love them in this bread. A bread made with tapioca starch, popular in Latin American, with a special texture and flavour that offers a unique, delightful experience.

Visit any Zorbas Bakery to try our new breads today!