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To cope with the high summer temperatures and the desire for something sweet, we have created new, light and refreshing desserts that everyone will love and enjoy.

Every meal is completed in the most enjoyable way, while a bonus awaits your friends who visit you for cold coffee on the balcony. When you wake up from your siesta and seek and craving something sweet, you head straight to the kitchen. Of course, no one will judge you for your late-night visits to the fridge during the hot summer nights, as it’s hard to think that there is one of Zorbas Bakeries’ new summer desserts in there, and not enjoy it right here, right now.


Tropical mousse
As these tropical temperatures hit you, you seek something refreshing. There is nothing better than a summer dessert. Mango and passion fruit meet the lightest chocolate mousse, transforming heat into an exotic experience.


White chocolate raspberry
After Sunday’s barbecue, you bring a white chocolate raspberry to the table for everyone to cool down. After trying a piece of white chocolate mousse and raspberry cream, your guests will probably ask for a second one.


Fraisier with pastry cream and strawberry
Light and delicate, with the right taste balance between sweet and sour, it is the perfect choice to enjoy on a summer night on your balcony. The sweet cream matches wonderfully the tangy taste of the strawberries. Available in individual and family sizes.


Cream cheese with red fruits
If your birthday or name day is during the summer, you have another reason to be happy. Cream cheese and a strawberry–raspberry–blackberry paste wish you a delightful birthday through the new summer sweet cream cheese with red fruits.


Find the new summer desserts in all Zorbas Bakeries’ fridges.