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Coffee Berry Sparkling Iced Teas the cool – breeze refreshment!

Unique combinations of aromatic herbs and fruits that offer moments of rejuvenation and coolness.

Enjoy them in two captivating flavours:

Red Sunset: a combination of herbs and fruit, mixed with apple, hibiscus, grapes, rosebush calyxes, chamomile, strawberry, agave, soda & berries

Tropical Passion: a combination of herbs and fruit, mixed with hibiscus & rose petals, grapefruit, pineapple, papaya, mango, mango pulp, agave, soda & peppermint.

Sparkling Iced Teas are your perfect partners for the scorching summer days, ready to join you on every adventure, stroll, or getaway! Head to your nearest Coffee Berry store or find a coffee station inside Zorbas Bakeries to savor these delightful refreshments.

You can also enjoy the Coffee Berry experience wherever you are through Click & Pick and Foody platforms.