How does my BAKERY CLUB program work?

With every qualified transaction at Zorbas Bakeries, you can receive 1% cashback on the total amount of the purchase in one till receipt. You can instantly redeem your award amounts by scanning at the till your smartphone bar code or by presenting your card.
my BAKERY CLUB program is especially designed to offer you exclusive privileges and offers.

Who can register to my BAKERY CLUB;

To participate to my BAKERY CLUB you must be 18 years old and above.

What are my BAKERY CLUB benefits?

With every qualified transaction at Zorbas Bakeries, just use your smartphone as a card by scanning at the till your bar code, or present your card or just mention your phone number and you will automatically earn 1% cashback on the total amount of the purchase in one till receipt (valid for a minimum purchase amount of €0,51). You can instantly redeem any awards by scanning your bar code or by presenting your card.

Can I use my BAKERY CLUB application to earn and redeem my reward amounts without using the card?

Yes, the application behaves similarly to a reward card. To receive cashback awards or spend any awards, the bar code should be scanned at the POS (Cashier Point).

Can I earn and redeem my awards without downloading the App?

Yes, just present your card.

Will my 1% Cashback ever expire?

1% Cashback have no expiration. Special terms and conditions relating to exclusive privileges and offers may apply.

What is ‘Profile’?

Profile displays your personal information. The information is used to send you special offers.
To update your personal information, make any necessary changes then click on the ‘Update’ button.

What is 'my family'?

'my family' is a feature that allows you to add up to 2 members and collect all purchases to your common account. As the primary account holder, you will have the exclusive right for redemption.

What is Cashback Awards?

Cashback awards are cash awards from offers received during sales transactions at any Zorbas bakery. To view select ‘Wallet’. All information related to cashback awards and spent awards are displayed.

What is Balance?

Balance is the total amount of awards. To view Balance, select ‘Wallet'.

What is Notifications?

Notifications are messages sent to you from Zorbas bakeries. To view Notifications, select ‘Notifications’.

How to reset my Password?

To change your password, select ‘View Profile’, specify the Current Password and New Password and click on the ‘Change’ button.

Can I switch from card to app;

Yes, you can switch from card to app, with automatic transfer of your cashback.

For transfer:

  • Download the app that is available at App Store and Google Play
  • Choose “card transfer” from the menu 
  • Fill in the card number and the phone number on your initial application form

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