World bread day

new breads teaser

Taken the opportunity of the world day of bread, we added 3 more breads to our range.

Corn Bread with chia seeds: A “super” bread-Bread! Superfoods have become part of modern nutrition. A typical example is bread with superfoods. One of the most important superfoods, Chia seeds (Chia means "strength" in the Mayan language) are rich in omega-3 fats, proteins, vitamins, calcium and detox substances – almost everything that’s required by a balanced diet. The corn bread has a special but not strong flavour and smooth texture. Adding Chia seed bread with corn, boosts the nutritional value, without affecting the taste, since they create a mild and pleasant feeling.

Whole – wheat stoneground bread: Bread with intensity! All the fibres and taste found in this bread! Crispy crust, soft crumb, intense and full of flavour! A high nutritional value bread since it is rich in fibre. The secret of its special taste and aroma, lies in the way the seeds are grained.

Rustic bread: source of fibre! Soft bread, with special aroma that is a source of fibre! Light and fluffy crumb, is so soft that is cut by hand!

Three wonderful breads that you can enjoy along with a great salad, a variety of cheeses or with food. Can certainly be the basis for the creation of a delicious meal with excellent nutritional value. Go ahead using your fantasy in food, starting from bread!