New Vegan snacks with traditional pastry

Pleasure ... inspired by nature!

Driven by innovation and quality and with the values that ​​we started with as our guidance; we welcomed this summer with 2 new snacks inspired by nature suitable for those who choose to follow the path of veganism.

Our love for authentic flavours is what drives us to search for the best ingredients. So, we searched and found the best, juicy mushrooms, vegetables full of colour and flavour, baked pastry and created 2 new vegan flavours that you can enjoy as a main meal or a snack.

The authenticity and simplicity in them are characteristics that are found in our DNA and like in all our products, you can almost taste the love and care with which they are baked.

Mushroom pie with vegen cheese and truffle oil: with fresh juicy mushrooms, this mushroom pie is completely different from what you have tried so far. The truffle oil, this extremely sophisticated gastronomy material, besides the exciting flavour that adds to it, confirms that at Zorbas Bakeries we like good food and we want to offer you only the best!

Pie with vegetables and Vegan cheese: with peas, corn, carrot, vegan cheese and flavours of fresh dill and parsley

Being a vegan is not as difficult as some believe. And at Zorbas Bakeries we have the way to make it much more pleasurable than you can imagine!


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