New Super Pots

We welcome summer with 2 new delicious Super Pots flavours which you will definitely love if you are a fan of forest fruits! For those of you who are looking enjoyment and balance, Super Pots are the ideal choice for breakfast, snack or light lunch! 

Enjoy your moments by choosing:

  • Forest fruits yoghurt with crunchy muesli, goji berries and blueberries. Unique velvety yoghurt texture with forest fruits flavour that will excite fruit yoghurt lovers!
  • Chia pudding with almonds and forest fruits jam. Proof that enjoyable can be healthy! Chia seeds mixed with almond milk and gooseberry puree with refreshing forest fruits jam and roasted almonds! An ideal choice for those who follow a vegan

Now with 7 options, there is definitely a super pot for you! Find the one that suits you best at our refrigerators!