New delicious vegan sandwiches

Taking into consideration the nutritional needs of people that follow a vegan diet, Zorbas Bakeries innovate and present to you 3 delicious sandwiches freshly made daily with selected ingredients.

For superfood lovers, the white tortilla pita with quinoa salad will leave you completely satisfied. In addition to the quinoa rich in protein and fibers, it also contains raisins, cranberries and pumpkin seeds which in addition to antioxidants, they are packed with valuable vitamins and give a slight sweet taste to the sandwich.

quinoa sandwich

The seitan doner in Lebanese pita will please even the most demanding. Flavored dough with spices, full of protein and fibers, but at the same time low in fat, along with cool tzatziki sauce made from coconut milk make a tasty and satisfying meal.

giros sandwich

Of course, if you prefer simple flavors, then the sliced multiseed bread sandwich with mango chutney, vegan cheese and vegan ham will leave you perfectly content.

ham cheese sandwich

All three sandwiches are available at Zorbas Bakeries across Cyprus.