Call & Collect


  1. How do I place an order ?
    Via phone at 80000699

  2. Which are the operating days and hours of the service and take away?
    The call centre operated between Monday and Saturday, 9:00-18:00 and pick-ups take place from 10:00 – 21:00.

  3. Can I order other products other than Easter products?
    At the moment, because of Easter and in order to be able to serve all customers on time, we only accept orders for Easter products.
  4. How long does it take fom my order to be prepared ?
    The minimum time is 4 hours.
  5. How do I pay for my order ?
    Online through JCC (you will receive a link, right after you order) or at the store on the day and time you collect it (card/cash)

  6. How do I collect my order?
    If your order has been paid online, you will be given the bakery’s telephone number to call once you arrive, mentioning your car number plates and we will bring your order to you, while you stay in the car.

    If you pay at the bakery, you have to mention the order details (

  7. How do I know my products are fresh?
    Your order is prepared just before you collect it so that the products are freshly made. That’s why the minimum time between the order and the collection is 4 hours – because that’s how long it takes for flaounes to be baked.

  8. Can I add/remove products after completing the order?
    You can add products when you visit the store to collect the order. If you wish to remove something, you can do so but without a money refund. We could offer you other products of the same value or add credit to your MBC account instead.

  9. Can I cancel my order/payment?
    You can cancel your order/payment but without a refund. Instead we could offer you other products of the same value or add credit to your MBC account.

  10. Can I redeem my cashback to pay for the order?
    Yes, if you pay at the bakery

  11. Do I still win cashback?
    Yes of course, just mention your MBC account details when placing the order.

  12. Until when can I order Easter products?
    Until Wednesday 22/4

  13. Can I order today and collect on another day ?
  14. Can I check my order and then pay for it?
    Yes, with the assistance of the store’s manager

  15. Can I return products I have already collected? Μπορώ να επιστρέψω προϊόντα αφού τα έχω παραλάβει.
    Products that have been collected cannot be returned

  16. Can I change the products at the bakery (if I don’t like the shape, baking)?
    Once the order procedure is completed, you can’t change the products

  17. What does the call & collect service offer me?
    Your purchases are completed easy, fast and safe. Your products will be freshly baked and ready for you to collect any time you wish to. Additionally, you can pay online and receive the products outside the bakery, faster.

  18. Can I collect my order later than the agreed time ?
    We can keep your order up to 2 hours later than the agreed time.

  19. Can someone else collect the order for me?
    Yes, they just have to mention the order details at the bakery

  20. Can I order on behalf of someone else?
    Yes, just mention the personal information of the person who will be collecting the order.

  21. Can I place more than one orders to collect from different stores and with different personal information?
    Yes, just mention the personal details of each person who is receiving each order and from which bakery.

  22. Which is the Maximum order amount?
    The maximum order amount from payments at the bakery is 50€. For order of 50€+ you can only pay online.

  23. Is the discount for large families valid ?
    Yes , the 10% discount is valid.

  24. Is the Easter offer through MBC valid ?
    Yes, it is.