Zorba’s Bakeries welcome you to my Bakery Club, a world of unique benefits and exclusive offers.


  • Registration is easy and free
  • Earn 1% on the total amount of each purchase
  • Instant redemption without minimum limits
  • Contests and draws with many gifts and prizes
  • Exclusive offers and discounts


There are two easy and quick ways to join my Bakery club:

Way A:

  • Download and register on my Bakery Club mobile app, available at App Store and Google Play


Way Β:

  • Complete the my Bakery club card application form, you will find to all Zorba’s bakeries


To redeem reward amounts, the barcode of my Bakery club application or the benefits’ card must be presented to the cash registers before each purchase is made. Every member of my Bakery Club, enjoys unique gifts, offers, discounts and earns 1% on the total amount of each purchase from Zorba’s bakeries. The reward amount of each purchase is entered into the digital wallet of the holder.


My Bakery Club LOGIN/SIGN UP



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