For most of us, a good quality cup of coffee is the ideal start of our day and as the temperature rises, we opt for cold versions. At Coffee Berry we make sure that you will enjoy a velvety strong ice-cold coffee experience and from the 23rd of May and until stocks last, the awarded by one star "Siemba y Cosecha" Organic Single Origin Coffee Finca Villa Colombia, will be available in a cold brew limited edition at all Coffee Berry stores.

The precious coffee distillation will be prepared by the Coffee Berry baristas, so that you can enjoy your coffee moment in the best possible way. The Cold Brew method is a slow cold distillation process that lasts anywhere between 8 to 18 hours. The grinding, the stable temperature of the water throughout the process and the speed of distillation, are all important factors among others, for the perfect result! It is no coincidence that such a ritual gives such a unique taste profile.

Cold Brew extraction gives this limited edition coffee an absolute cool and aromatic flavouring effect with low acidity. It elevates its medium full body and highlights the brown sugar and chocolate hints that characterize the organic Finca Villa Colombia coffee, resulting in a sweet multi-layered taste profile of this unique cup of coffee.

The origin of these excellent beans comes from the same name micro-farm in Colombia that grows - topographically and geographically - in the most ideal location for coffee production, in the Vereda La Cristalina, in Planadas, south of Tolima. The farm has been cultivated for over 20 years by the same grower and consists of about 35,000 trees of the Arabica variety. Harvesting takes place only in the months of April to June and from October to December. The natural method of processing the whole coffee beans, offers a uniquely sweet, harmonious taste profile and the plantation has been awarded with a star "Siemba y Cosecha", for its excellent harvest yield, cultivation, and quality management.

So, ask for the Organic Finca Villa Colombia Cold Brew from your barista and enjoy yet another unique coffee experience from Coffee Berry. It is available as a Cold Brew or coffee beans of 150g while stocks last at all Coffee Berry points at the brand-new store at Ledra Street, at the Mall of Engomi, Nicosia Mall, 77 Stadiou Str in Strovolos, Ayia Napa Marina, Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue and Piale Pasha in Larnaca as well as in most Zorbas Bakeries all over Cyprus.