Honduras organic coffee!

Following the launch of the two limited edition coffees, Finca Villa Colombia and Organic Decaffeinated Mexico, Coffee Berry continue their journey for new and flavorful destinations.  This time they take us to the Honduras with a very special limited edition organic coffee with a rich taste and aroma. The Decaffeinated Honduras Single Origin.

The decaffeination method followed to produce this special coffee is the CO2, which does not include any chemical process and therefore all the taste characteristics of the product are kept intact.

For a coffee to be classified as «organic» it must be cultivated in plantations grown without the use of pesticides and/or chemical fertilizers and any growing substances used must be organic.  Decaffeinated Honduras Single Origin coffee comes from farms that have all the necessary certifications and are consisted of a cooperative of small local producers named Cafés Finos de Corquin (CAFICO). Their aim is to protect the environment.  The areas microclimate bares the ideal conditions for the cultivation of high-quality coffee plantations.