For Every Bread

At Zorbas Bakeries, we know very well that choosing a bread is a matter of personal preference. Some like a lovely hard crust and some prefer a fluffier soft bread. Some are fascinated by bread with special ingredients, nuts, or specialty flour and some wouldn’t change their favourite classic, white loaf for nothing! We respect diversity that’s why we have more than 35 different kinds of bread. White, multi-seed, rich, plain, soft, crusty, in slices and loafs… different breads but baked with the same love and care.

This love was our driver for creating 3 new, unique breads taken the opportunity of World Bread Day which is celebrated on October 16th (every year).

«Lemnos» bread with sourdough

Baked with flour from Lemnos, from hard wheat and “golden durum” sourdough. A slightly sweet bread, crusty and rich. It perfectly goes with Mediterranean cuisine dishes.

Bread with single origin flour and sourdough

With single origin flour and liquid natural sourdough, which gives us an aromatic bread, with a rich flavour.

Multi-seed bread with prebiotics

A multi-seed bread, perfect for breakfast, sauces, or dips. Soft with an earthy flavour.It contains prebiotics, which helps you retain a good gut health.

For every moment and FOR EVERY BREAD, we will be pleased to welcome you in one of our bakeries