Coolness and enjoyment with the NEW Sparkling Iced Tea!

«Sparkle your mood» with the 3 new delicious Sparkling Iced Teas from Coffee Berry based on a blend of herbs and fruits that will give you the most tasteful summery moment of your day. 

Sparkling Sunset, Sparkling Passion and Sparkling Blossom are inspired by the herbal tea leaves available at Coffee Berry. In the cold version, soda is added to give them an extremely refreshing sparkling taste, with rich aromas that refer to an unforgettable, endless summer. All three drinks are caffeine-free and contain agave syrup, for a rich sweet taste with a low glycemic index. 

The process of preparing the new drinks is a colourful ritual done with the Largo tea dripper that emphasizes both on the right temperature of the water as well as the time the herbs sit in the hot water to help infuse all the flavours and aromas.  

  • Sparkling Sunset: from the favourite Red Sunset loose leaf tea that has apple pieces, grape and strawberry, hibiscus leaf, chamomile flowers and rose hips. A tonic drink topped with frozen berries for an extra note of coolness and energy. 
  • Sparkling Passion: inspired by the Tropical Passion herbal blend consisting of hibiscus and rose petals, grapes, pineapple pieces, mango, and papaya. The added mango puree and the fresh mint garnish in combination with the rest of the exotic flavours, will sail you into imaginary summer destinations. 
  • Sparkling Blossom: from the organic herbal blend, Ginger Orange that contains a combination of apple, hibiscus flowers, carrot, ginger and citrus petals and orange scent, with the addition of peach syrup. The result is a unique bright orange coloured drink with a strong taste and intense aroma. The fresh slice of orange that is added on top gives an extra refreshing note into your every moment. 

Wherever the hot days of summer find you, at the office, at home, on the beach or up in the mountains, enjoy the new Sparkling Iced Tea range from Coffee Berry and let them Sparkle your mood, for a wonderful, cool summer. Available at all our bakeries with Coffee Berry and Coffee Berry points, at the brand-new store at Ledra Street, at the Mall of Engomi, Nicosia Mall, 77 Stadiou Str in Strovolos, Ayia Napa Marina, Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue and Piale Pasha in Larnaca.