Coffee Berry celebrates World Coffee Day, supporting the Association "One Dream One Wish"!

Did you know that over 500 million cups of coffee are consumed daily? Coffee is one of the most popular beverages and inevitably has a special place in the daily life of all of us. It's our first greeting in the morning, a flavorful companion in traffic, the office ritual, or our afternoon «boost»... It is also a good reason to meet with friends and loved ones. Coffee is always there.


Coffee Berry is also always there, and for this year, on October 1st - a day that since 2015 was established by the International Coffee Οrganization as "World Coffee Day" – they celebrate by supporting and sponsoring the well known for their remarkable work association, "One Dream One Wish".

With the central message of "A dream is painted on your coffee", and with a strong sense of responsibility and contribution, Coffee Berry "empower" the association, to give to the young "heroes", real, immediate, strong, and continuous support. And it is in this way, that Coffee Berry contribute to the huge work that the Association "One Dream One Wish" has been carrying out for the past 25 years.

Want to know how you can help?

Enjoy your favorite Coffee Berry drink in one of the decorated limited-edition cups at any Coffee Berry shop.

What makes these cups so special?

Their creators. The children of the association "One Dream One Wish", who draw their dreams and hopes on a blank paper and Coffee Berry brought them to "life". The goal is to give smiles and help in the realization of the dreams of these little "heroes" and to strengthen the action of the association.

Find the closest Coffee Berry to you, enjoy your favorite drink in a limited-edition cup and send a strong message of love and participation.
At the same time, help spread the message through your social media. How?

  1. Photograph your limited-edition cup with the paintings
  2. Upload it to your Instagram account
  3. Tag @coffeeberrycyprus


Spread the message, "strengthen" the activity, realize their dreams. #ΙnternationalCoffeeDay

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