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New store in Paphos – Apostolou Pavlou Avenue


On Saturday 29/2/2020, Paphos welcomed its 6th Zorbas Bakeries store in a festive atmosphere with music, savory pastries and free coffee from Coffee Berry. There were also various activities for children such as face painting and balloons making.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s day is here and besides the common gifts, you can offer your loved one a cake that symbolises the sweet taste of love.

Μία Χριστουγεννιάτικη ενέργεια γεμάτη καλοσύνη!


Για 3η συνεχόμενη χρονιά η Χριστουγεννιάτικη καμπάνια #yparxei, μας υπενθυμίζει ότι ο Άγιος Βασίλης δεν υπάρχει μόνο στα δώρα των γιορτών αλλά στις ανθρώπινες, καθημερινές, αυθεντικές στιγμές. Αν αφιερώσουμε λίγο χρόνο σε μία καλή πράξη, μία ευγενική κουβέντα, μία τρυφερή αγκαλιά, είναι αρκετά για να αναδείξουν αυτό που υπάρχει μέσα σε όλους μας – η αγάπη, η καλοσύνη, η αξία του να νοιάζεσαι για τον συνάνθρωπο.

New delicious vegan sandwiches


Taking into consideration the nutritional needs of people that follow a vegan diet, Zorbas Bakeries innovate and present to you 3 delicious sandwiches freshly made daily with selected ingredients.

Introducing our new feedback experience!


Let us know about your latest shopping experience by completing the updated online survey.

Super Yogi pots: New on-the-go pleasure


With yoghurt meals being a new modern tasty pleasure, we have renewed our Super Yogi pots range and created 5 fantastic flavour combinations of yoghurt meals, made of 100% fresh Cypriot milk yoghurt. 

New Vegan snacks with traditional pastry


We welcomed this summer with 2 new snacks inspired by nature suitable for those who choose to follow the path of veganism!

Mini Ice Creams: New Flavours!

Summer is here and so are the three new mini ice cream flavours!

Zorbas Bakeries: Cupcake for Hope


Cupcake for Hope is back in our bakeries, taken the opportunity of the celebration of women's day, March 8th. 

Love comes from the stomach and all leads lovers to Zorbas Bakeries.


Valentine's Day it’s here and it has inspired our confectioners.

Advent Calendar


The most advent-urous digital countdown for Christmas!

New American Cookies fasting!


Our iconic cookie now appropriate for fasting!

New store – Archbishop Makarios Ave. c, Larnaca


We got bigger and we are waiting for you at Archbishop Makarios III avenue, 22.

World bread day


Taken the opportunity of the world day of bread, we added 3 more breads to our range.



World’s Environment Day


With action, we celebrated World’s Environment Day in collaboration with A.F.I.S, placing special batteries recycle bins in our bakeries.


Zorbas by the sea: New store in Protaras


Our 5th store in the Famagusta, opened its doors on Saturday, May the 26th, and it is just a stone's throw away from the sea!

Taste from Asia at your home


Zorbas Bakeries now offers the Akai sushi that you loved. 

The Cupcake with the Pink Ribbon "returns"


We are celebrating woman’s day (8 March) with an act of love. Supporting the important work of Europa Donna Cyprus, for raising awareness for breast cancer, the "Cupcake Elpidas (Hope)" is available once again.



The updated My Bakery Club app is available at App Store and Play Store!

Joy and hope to the children of Makareio Pediatric Hospital


With great pleasure we offered gifts to support the Cyprus Federation of Football Academies, who visited on 18 December 2017 Makarios Hospital

Discover our new sandwiches!


Four amazing new sandwiches are now available:

Magerio New Dishes!


Magerio’s team has prepared new hearty dishes that can satisfy even the most demanding taste.  

New Breads


Taken the opportunity of World Bread Day, celebrated on October 16, we created 3 new breads, each with a special taste and important nutritional value.

We welcome this summer with mini ice creams!


Ideal for everyone and for every occasion, in classic favourite flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, pistachio and strawberry, but also with almond flakes or biscuit, these mini ice creams will definitely be the favourite summer treat for everyone.



Thanks to consumer trust and within the context of our expansion plan we welcomed on Thursday the 18th of May Zorbas bakeries’ 4th store, in the area of Famagusta, which is located on 17, Nissi Avenue, Ayia Napa.

New delicacies!


Handmade apple pie with raisins, delicious mushroom pie with halloumi cheese, tasty mincemeat pie and crunchy mincemeat and Philadelphia bites!

New ZORBAS Cheese pie with Philadelphia


Zorbas bakeries, suggest a new fantastic and tasty combination!

New Éclairs: Authentic French recipe


Our new Eclair were created by a French chef, under the same spirit and in the same way that eclairs are in the best éclair shops in Paris, the reference of eclairs in the world.

Zorbas Bakeries: New store in Aghios Dometios


Responsibly, with our knowledge and expertise and thanks to our consumer’s trust and loyalty; within the context of our expansion plan we welcomed on Saturday the 4th of June, our new store on 195, Gr. Afxentiou avenue in Aghios Dometios area; which is the 28th store in Nicosia (the 56th in Cyprus).

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