New Generation breads

Every year on October 16, World Bread Day is celebrated and as bread is the root of our business we celebrate as well! This year, we owner the day by launching 2 new generation breads!

Protein bread: This bread is here to perfect the daily eating habits of those of you who have an intense daily routine, exercise, or follow a protein diet. It is baked with 3 types of flour, wheat protein, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds and soy and in addition to its high nutritional value, it also stands out for its taste since the seeds, in combination with its various types of flour, give it an earthy taste. With Xg of protein per slice, it gives you all the energy you need for the day!

Bread with carob syrup and olive oil: 2 Mediterranean treasures in one bread! This bread will challenge your taste buds! Carob and the products made of it, have been very popular the last few years and everything shows that the bread with flour made of carobs has returned. Zorbas Bakeries’ new bread is baked with carob flour, carob syrup and olive oil. Carob, besides giving it t a dark chocolaty colour, it also gives the bread a very special, sweet taste.